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Friday, March 28, 2014

That was unexpected...

Life is full of surprises
Every so often I surrender
Deep down I whisper
Oh, that was so unexpected!

Joys and woes
Ups and downs
Dreams and despairs
Laurels and losses 
Pats and whacks
Cunning conundrums
Sneaky solutions
Life is rife with unexpected
So often I whisper
Oh, that was unexpected! 

I fall, wobble, tremble
I struggle, whine, puzzle
I plan, it shatters
I raise, balance and walk away!
And I whisper
Oh, that was unexpected! 

Every so often
Life camouflages
Mysteries slither through
It's in the dark you see stars!

Nights fade away
Sun rises
Skies smile
Storms settle down
And I whisper
Oh, that was unexpected!

The Mercy from the Heavens
The Blessings from Thy Majesty
Teach me everyday
"HE is with the patient" (2:153)
"With hardship goeth ease" (94:6)
"HE tasketh not a soul beyond its scope" (2:286)

Never I've been so dumbfounded
Than by beholding HIS Mercy
For it bestowed boundlessly,
Every time I was taken aback.

I learned 
To Expect the Unexpected,
To Think the unthinkable,
To Imagine the unimaginable...
For HIS Mercy is beyond everything
Towering above my comprehensions
Surmounting my apprehensions!

O Lord,
To embrace Thy Love
To put trust on Thy transcendence
To know that I am blessed than many
There is no pleasure beyond!

I comprehend it, at times
Beyond my reach, many times
I am convinced.
Therein I learned
To embrace the unexpected
For HIS Mercy is unfathomable. 

*I won't claim this is a poem. Scribbled down few lines from my heart to link with The Prompt from Sara; for she inspired me to break the boundary and try something new.  *


  1. Beautifully written sis...I connected to your words. Through pain, we find beauty...a tribute to strength, faith and endurance :)

  2. So true about life. Everything is a surprise =) Nothing is what it seems to be. Spot on poetry =)


  3. Oh, this is wonderful, and I am so touched that #ThePrompt inspired you to write this. What beautiful, wise words. Just wonderful. Thank you so much for linking x

  4. That's very nice Nishana. Life is full of unexpected moments, that's what makes life so interesting!

  5. What a lovely take on today's prompt! Mel #ThePrompt

  6. What a lovely, wise poem and great to see such a creative approach to #ThePrompt :-)


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