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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Created by Liya - This Week

Yet Another flower and garden... :)

Pappa inside a house... lol!
A garden - she reused the sleeve net foam wrapper came with fruits as grass. I loved this idea. :) 

She doesn't know what it is.. :) 


Christmas Tree using some pamphlets came with news paper 
She said me "I have a surprise for Mama". 
And pulled out this cute crown she made. I love this girl!

It is a "spiderman" ball. Guess what, telling about superhero to a mum who keeps kid away from superheroes and digital world as much as possible. We've a no TV home too. Thanks to school friends, my girl is breaking all set rules. 
Hearts and some funky designs
a windmill
a blueberry plant says the girl
Birds, sun, flower, cloud, house - yet another classic drawing
one more

That's all for today.

Enjoy your Evening!

We are off to play area.

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  1. A nice sets of pictures from Liya. I like the Spiderman ball... No TV really force our kids to developp their imagination, much better for them.
    Have a great weekend. Love to both.

    1. Thanks Marie. You're right, all teachers who taught L so far says me she is very imaginative child. Guess, the time she spent in free play make her very imaginative. :)

      Love you and Mr P too. :)

  2. Aww they are great! Love the windmill!! #miniengineer #minicreations

  3. She's really creative! Young artist =)


  4. Lovely drawings, they are very good x

  5. What a lovely collection of art work, she is so creative x #MiniCreations

  6. So creative! I love the garden. So imaginative!

  7. gosh lots of beautiful creations there!!! x

  8. Lucas says - LOVE the Spiderman ball - MEGA cool
    Grace says - Your rainbow is so pretty - fab job

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations


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