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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Much to Do before 5 : Update

It's been a while.... so here is what we're gonna cross today from our bucket list.

Read without assistance (Read here) : We're there already. Super excited.. :)
Gardening and planting lessons (See here and here): It's fun to help and watch plants grow. 
Observe earth hour: (See here): We learned about saving energy and we pledged to save as much as we can.

Swimming alone (See here)
Recycling lessons: (Did you like this and this?)
Tell the time crafts and activities (Why not see them here and here?) 
Make pompoms (Here it is)

Visit a botanical garden: We visited two of them see one here.  [Post coming soon on second one.]
Visit Ooty: [Post Coming soon, IA]
Visit to tea factory: [Post Coming soon, IA]
Boating in lakes: [Post Coming soon, IA]


  1. You did great things together! It must have been a fabulous day when Liya started reading alone...Love reading your updates Nishana!
    Have a beautiful week. xoxo

    1. Thanks Marie. It's been a while. Hope things are going good with you both.

      xo xo xo


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