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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How becoming a mom made me an online shopper?

I still do not know why I was so against online shopping. Was it my nature of being too selective about clothes and stuffs or was it just some other reason? Not sure; but while all my friends and colleagues were all gaga about online shopping, I was the only one to avoid it. Strange but true that today I am a complete online shopaholic. This transformation is due to my 7 months old baby – how?

3rd September 2013, my baby Ryan was born and everyone including me was very happy. People keep saying about how amazing motherhood is. That having a baby is the best thing to happen in a parent’s life. While all these are true, what most people don’t speak about is the challenges and the real part of being a mom. Since the 4th month of pregnancy, I started being conscious about my fast growing body. From morning sickness to laziness and from leg pain to pimples and frizzy hair, every part of my body was in bad shape. However, I was happy inside. Of course I was because I was waiting for my baby. I thought everything will be fine once the baby is born. I had a normal delivery; it was painful and Ryan came to my life. Both my husband and I were very happy till I had the reality check.

We stay in Bangalore while both my parents and in-laws stay in Delhi. I was left alone with Ryan; Mina, my maid was there to help me in household activities. My husband couldn’t help much, he being working in a busy IT schedule.  I had to take care of everything for Ryan – food, clothes, bathing, pee and potty cleaning etc. Also, I need to take care of my own health. Whatever resolutions I made for myself and my baby seemed so difficult to manage. In fact, shopping became impossible. I had to text cerelac, diapers, feeding bottles, napkins and a lot more to my husband. Once when he forgot, I was so angry that I myself went for shopping the next day itself. Ryan was sleeping and I left Mina to take care of him. As soon as I reached the mall, I got a call from Mina, “Didi, baba uth gaye and bahut ro raha he”. I rushed back home without buying a single stuff. I cried and cried harder. I felt so helpless with my 1 month and few days baby in my lap. I don’t know how but that was the day when I first thought about online shopping.

I was very skeptical about online shopping and I was determined to buy only diapers online as I already know about the brand and quality. Being a complete anti-online shopper, I had no clue about online stores and websites. I searched online, ‘Diapers for baby’. Babyoye is one of the websites that popped out in the list and I blindly followed it. There were different range of sections but I searched only for diapers and ordered just 1 pack of Huggies diapers. A day after I received my first online shopped product – a neatly packed box with a single packet of Huggies diapers.  I was satisfied and quite happy. Since that day, I started visiting the site quite often. I ordered more diaper packs, baby soap, oil, shampoo, feeding bottles, baby grooming kit and many more. I did few shopping for myself as well, breast pumps and accessories being one from my shopping list.  

Online shopping became my best friend and Babyoye, the nearest store. Shopping became so easy with Babyoye. The quality of products was good and delivery staff does their job brilliantly and the best part was, almost everything for Ryan was available. When Ryan sleeps, all I need to do is switch on my laptop and buy all the products that were required. After my first happy encounter with Babyoye, I tried many online stores for my own shopping of shoes, clothes, bags and books. I have started recommending Babyoye to my friends and strangely, now I shop more often online than a real store. I now realize how online shopping could have made my life easier during my pregnancy, but it is never too late. Babyoye delivers me all that is required for Ryan while giving me enough time to spend with him and myself.

After days of struggle and challenges of motherhood, this is how becoming a mom made me an online shopper. :) 

~ Reema 

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  1. I don't think I'd cope without online shopping.....I buy most things online.....Clothes, groceries and at Christmas it comes in really handy buying the kids presents :)

  2. It's amazing how having children changes our perspective on a lot of things! #MagicMoments

  3. I agree with you, online shopping quite simply makes our lives much easier. I have not been near a supermarket in ages! Mel #MagicMoments http://www.lecoindemel.com

  4. Online shopping is a life saver. Don't get me wrong though, I love going into the shops and having a good nosy but if I am super busy {and I mostly am!} then online shopping it is! Makes life soooo much easier. #magicmoments

  5. I love online shopping as much as the real thing. What i love about it is the anticipation of waiting for your purchase! #magicmoments

  6. Kids make a huge difference in how we do just about everything...I don't do it, but my daughters swear by it.

  7. i only ever really online shop these days its so so easy :-)

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments


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