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Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's happening...

Girl's last day at KG1. 
Schools are closed for Summer holidays 
We have small and big plans for 2 months, In Sha Allah
Driving down to Kerala tomorrow early in the morning 
Going via Ooty, staying there over night, 
Wandering two days there
Exploring the gardens
Taking a toy train trip over Nilgiri mountains
Boating in the famous lakes... 
Visiting a tea factory
... and much more, IA!

Girl is all excited about the mountain train ride!


Spend some days with grand parents from both sides...
Visit some local tourist spots
Visit relatives and friends
Visit great grannies 
Play in the mud
Splash in the puddles
Play outdoors throughout the day
Gorge on yummy food, 
*Girl is thinking about Jilebis and slurping*

...and lot more, IA!

P.S: I might be on and off in internet. :) 


  1. How nice!
    Happy Holiday Miss Liya. Have a fabulous time with mum and dad over the next 2 months.
    Love from us from France.

  2. Yay for Liya...the break is off. Now mom your hands are full :) Looks like you have a million things to do though, so should be fun!

  3. sounds so much fun...waiting for photos :),,have a wonderful holiday :)

  4. Sounds so much fun,, enjoy the holiday and I'll be waiting for the photographs :)


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