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Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 things : What made me SMILE

10 little things that made me SMILE this week!

  1. Lunching out with my dad, sis, cousins and kids; gorging on some Arabian Cuisine
  2. Someone's remark on me that "you have good articulation skills", which no one ever said before..;)
  3. Those drawings Liya did for mum
  4. Little girl devouring dulce de leche pudding
  5. Friends over lunch and some chit chats
  6. Today is girl's last day at KG1, and I got reminded of my first encounter with her in gynec OT. 
  7. Girl's worries on who will cook food for dad when we both are off to grand parents 
  8. Girl's remark after observing earth hour "I don't want anymore of these...
  9. Girl's advice to mum "if you don't know something, why don't you ask me?" (Day 87 here)
  10. For the first time since I can remember girl cried "Mamma.." in her sleep instead of "Pappa". (Both J and I don't remember when was the last time she did it, lol!)

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