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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 13

 Day 82: See what Pappa bought from Kerala - Champakka/ rose water apples. I don't know which other part of the world it's available. We get plenty of them in Kerala during summer.

 Day 83: Mum attended PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting) at girl's school today. I was given her portfolio. Later in the eve Girl is with Pappa explaining what she did in the school, showing off her portfolio. :) 

P.S: PTM turned out to be good. Teachers gave a good feedback on Liya, as always. She is far ahead of other kids in the –  reading, learning and grasping things quickly. She is good at maths, yet, excels in language skills. She is a doer, a leader, an adviser, very imaginative and creative. Yet, she is still fighting stage fright; having trouble to face a group, stand in front of them and talk. :)
Day 84: Egg plants/Brinjal ready to be grilled for lunch.

Day 85: Yet another art from the girl. Handprint embellished with sequences. 

Day 86: Summer is hitting hard in India. I love this flower for its attitude. lol! So bright and smiling under a blazing sun! 
Day 87: Mum and girl on a shopping spree. While we were in the elevator there, I pressed the button to open the elevator door instead of closing it. 
Girl shouted "Mum, that's for opening, you should press the other.
"Thanks babe, I pressed it by mistake.
"Mama, why don't you ask me if you don't know it?" Said the girl.
I could see rest of the people in the elevator chuckling. 
Mum was all embarrassed. :) 
Day 88: We spent an hour in darkness to express our solidarity with Global Earth Hour. See our candle who sacrificed a life for the earth. We read books about saving energy and environmental care. Girl learned how electricity is made in India. After an hour, I asked the girl, "why not turn off all lights for half an hour everyday to save some energy?
"Oh Mum, no! This is more than enough." said the girl. 

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  1. I can't look at her enough...you've got a lovely girl Nish.

  2. Love the look of those rose water apples, bet they're super tasty - as do the egg plants. Sounds like a good week for you, must have been brilliant going through the portfolio :)


  3. Your photos are so colorful, and your girl is lovely. What a great age!


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