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Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Things: My current city!

10 things I like about my current city - Bangalore!

The first city where I went job hunting right after graduation, 9 years ago.
My IT career started here.
This is where I met J (my hubby-to-be then) for the first time.
This is where we dined together for the first time.
For it taught me that Hindi is a must to survive in most part of India.
(Yet, I continue to be weak in conversing in Hindi)
The first metro I roamed around and explored alone.
For loads of pals and acquaintances I have here
For being so close to my homeland -
(hop on a night train, be home early in the morning!)
The greenery
The lovely weather which you don't find in any other metros of India!

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  1. Nice to hear a bit more about where you are living Nishana. It's great to be so close to Home!


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