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Monday, May 19, 2014

Project 365: Week 20

Day 131: Mum's day shot from our balcony. A stray dog breastfeeding its 4-5 puppies together. 

Day 132: At Lee's new school to pick up uniform, books and stationaries. She is super excited about moving to KG2. 

Day 33: Determined and focused! She is cutting out a crown. 

Day 34: Neyyappam for evening snacks. We had loads of fun frying them. 

Day 135: A shape tree made by Lee. She is very proud of her creation. 

Day 136: Watching election results. Girl is all clueless on what this lady is watching since morning and really curious over the TV anchors shouting in the live streaming channels.  

Day 137: Yet another over night journey in a train. Little girl loves to watch the scenery flashing outside... :) 

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