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Friday, May 9, 2014

Driving from Bangalore to Ooty - 04/04/2014

Often, I find my life locked in front of screens...
A WAH mom definitely has loads of benefits and privileges, however, mostly your world is gonna shrink within few walls, family and digital world, from the day you begin Working-from-Home (compared to working from office). We definitely needed a break. We chose Ooty, a hill station, which is on our way back home. We have been planning for home since it's summer holidays for Liya. 
Ooty is definitely the closest place if you just want to relax and have fun. 

Early in the morning ....

Homemade breakfast on the way! Malabar Pathiri and kadai chicken.
By the way, did you know how easy it's to wake a preschooler up early in the morning when (s)he already knows that you're all set on a trip. 

Calm and quiet road...

Breath-taking landscape...

Shades of Indian villages... What I love most about long drive in India is that it takes you through many villages, many states and with every couple of hours you will be in a place which is different from the previous with varying culture, difference in lingo and dialect, diversified in many many angles. I wonder if you ever get to see this in any other part of the world- I don't think so! 
Unity in Diversity is better seen in Indian villages than in cities!

Lovely climate is what most essential for a perfect long drive...

Passing through Bandipur forest area - yet again!
Passing by the remnants of recent devastating forest fire in the area

Definitely not a warm feeling to see acres of land being burned down in the fire. 
[According to media 800 acres of forest in the tiger reserve is said to have been destroyed.]

We were glad to meet some deer families... 
They were very less in number compared to our last drives in the area! Probably we see many animals when we drive in the early evening. 

And some peacocks - our national birds - were waiting to wave us bye! 
Can you imagine how excited the preschooler would have been? 

The forest wasn't very dense... Looks like sizzling summer has passed its share on the jungle too.

Yet, it was peaceful and tranquil. Very few vehicles pass by this area and honking is strictly banned here. There are strict speed restrictions too. This makes it a beautiful refreshing ride. 

Vishu flowers (Cassia fistula/ golden shower tree) is blossoming everywhere.

This is where the state of Karnataka ends. Whenever we drive home this way, we pass through three states of India - Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and then landing in Kerala. Now, since we're heading to Ooty first, we will take a different route in this forest, within Tamil Nadu state.

Since it is election time in India, the largest election in the world, there were tight security and checking across the route. We had to stop the car couple of times for election observers and police to have a quick check.

We met wild elephant families too. It's quite dangerous to meet them on the road. One of the elephant got really angry and ran towards our car and J quickly drove away. Thank God! That was a narrow escape from a raged elephant.

We've diverted from our usual route to Kerala, and taking the road towards Ooty, via Masinagudi. The road was really narrow, but very scenic. Hardly two vehicles could pass by. However, after some distance the road was comparatively wider.

Continuing our journey through the jungle...

Clicked when stopped for a tea..:) 

Scenic roads...

Entering Nilagiri Ghat road connecting Masinagudi and Ooty...

There are 36 hairpin roads to reach Ooty hill station if you drive via Masinagudi. This was the most dangerous of all ghat roads I have traveled so far. Very steep and curvy. Some of the bends were dangerously steep. I made J to stop the car to click the above picture and we had tough time getting the car start or move. It began to go down and was really scary. Thereafter, we did not stop the car anywhere in the ghat section. 

Needless to say, the experience was mind-blowing! My heart was trembling till we hit the top. Bends are numbered from top of the hill to bottom. Since, we are driving upwards, the numbering starts from 36/36 as you saw in the picture.  

We definitely had a happy, excited girl aboard. Know what, every time I travel with this girl, I fall in love with her more and more for the patience she displays and for the way she enjoys every trip! Ma Sha Allah (As HE willed)! She is mostly gonna grow into a travel freak. IA!

The first view of Ooty. The place seen through the window appeared in many movies, I guess! 

The life outside...

Entered the road to our hotel.... The smell of eucalyptus is the smell of Ooty, I suppose. I love that!

Dad is checking in and girl is all inquisitive. We had done bookings couple of weeks ago. So, things were very handy!

Unloading luggage.. and the room!

The way we took: Banaglore via Mysore - Gundal pet - Bandipur forest towards Gudallur - Mudumali- Masinagudi- Ooty. 
Distance: around 260 Kms
Time: We took 6 hours

Stay tuned for the next post from Ooty. 
Have a great weekend. 

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  1. What a lovely, lovely post! The photo's are wonderful - more trips please! #PoCoLo

  2. Really pretty place! I love the weather and the color! #countrykids

    1. Thanks Merlinda. It's been a long while, I will stop by your place to see what's happening. IA. xxx

  3. This was unbelievable and I cannot wait until the next installment. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us.

  4. Your blog post brings back so many memories (I visited Ooty, Bandipur and Mysore back in the early 90's). So great to read about it and see your photos!

    1. Hey Christine, nice to know that you've been to India. Glad that it brings back memories.

  5. Wow what a road trip with some many interesting and wonderful sights! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to reading the next instalment. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. Thanks Fiona. I love #countrykids and for the variety of experiences it brings in every time. Looking forward to next Friday, IA!

  6. Wow! I love #CountryKids for the variety of posts that I get to read, but I think this Is one of my all time favourites. What a road trip, the scenery, the elephants, the peacocks, the culture. Just wonderful, can't wait for the next instalment x

    1. I am touched that you love this post. Thanks a lot Sara. xoxo

  7. So so pretty...just like a postcard!

    1. Thanks Salma! Hope everything is well there. It's been a while, I am catching up with people. Sending my love to you all!


  8. How nice to read about your trip Nishana!
    You live in a beautiful country.

  9. Wow! What stunning photos - I love them. It sounds like you had a fantastic trip too. The diversity of bloggers and their countries always fascinates me - it makes the world so much smaller. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  10. Loved the pictures.. How I miss Bangalore. I use to visit Bang every month for my office when I was in karnataka. But, now after shifting to Mumbai I see no possible way to see bang again so soon :( Only thing I can do is to miss it..

  11. Ooty offers a variety of things to do to her visitors.


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