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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Project 365: Week 22

Day 145: To be in the lap of your dad, the first man every girl will fall in love with... 
To feel the unconditional love and trust.. 
There is no moment like one! 
A click from the train! 

Day 146: Daddy's helper: Early morning click from Hosur station. We're back to Bangalore, yay! Summer holidays are coming to an end and we're all pumped with energy and excitement. 

Day 147: Loads to do before we head to school tomorrow - wrapping books, labeling stuffs, packing bag, polishing shoe and much more!

Day 148: So here we mark an important milestone. Heading to KG2 today. Yet another school but this time we're into a big school, not a preschool set up anymore. The school functions till 12 std and both CBSE and IGCSE syllabus. So, we're all set to begin a new journey!

She had a fab day at the school She came back all happy and excited. 

Day 149: Day 2 of the school. This is her first day boarding on school bus. Waiting for the bus is not so boring!

Day 150: The first thing she made in the new school. 

Day 151: This is our main road. We've been having bumpy rides everyday for past 8 months ever since our move to Bangalore. This is road is likely to get patch work done today. Looking forward to bump-free rides. 

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  1. you take beautiful pictures, such a joy to see. i hope Liya is still enjoying her new school.


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