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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Project 365: Week 23

Day 152: Yet another lazy Sunday. This girl never gets free or bored. She always got something to do, I love it!

Day 153: Unwrapping the gift received from a new school friend on account of his birthday. A drawing book is always the best present a girl who never gets tired of drawing can ever get. 

On the other side, Mommy is contemplating about girl storing this memory and recovering on her B'day and demanding to send gifts to all of her classmates.. ;) 

Learning: There is always two sides to every single thing in life. lol!

Day 154: Anyone who reads PrincessLiya probably knows that we parent a little girl who is obsessed with paints and crafts. This is her new painting experiment. 

Day 155: A drawing she did on the drawing book gifted by her friend. Do you know what I love most about kids' drawings? They always portray happiness, smile and beauty in their scribblings– the signs of being innocent. They always treat everything with a positive outlook. 

Day 156: Kalathappam, a Malabar special snack, made for evening tea. Pouring rain, thunderstorm, a cup of tea and a hot piece of favorite eve snack-  little joys of life. 

Day 157: The first tomato from our balcony pot - girl and mom are excited. The girl is all determined to do more and more "balcony farming"...

Day 158: A caterpillar made by my little bee. This made me so proud - absolutely no assistance, yet, she cropped nearly perfect circles, made lovely antennas and gave a smiley face. 

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  1. Really lovely photos. She really is a little artist. #365

  2. I love seeing all her art projects, brilliant. Your tomato plant is looking good too :)

  3. Loving her arts and crafts! We sometimes give sweets on Munchkin's bday...cant imagine every giving actual gifts! Too much hard work!!


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