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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Project 365 :: Week 40

 Day 271: The artist back in action... Best way to spent a busy weekend

Day 272: Mama restarted morning walk. A random click from jogging track!
 Day 273: Girl's latest drawing
Day 274: On the way to railway station, heading to Kerala to celebrate eid with family. A random click while waiting for the cab.
Day 275: Back home, here is my nephew in action! 
 Day 276: Look who we spotted today at 1st floor balcony - a just born kitten, hardly a day or two older. L and H (nephew) loved seeing it around. 

Day 277: The night before eid-ul-adha: the smell of sweets, mehandi and reverberation of takbeer in the air- nothing like it on an eid night!


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