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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Project 365 | Week 39

Day 264: All tired... a click in between eid shopping

Day 265: Girl is busy with home work

Day 266: One home, three people, 6+ bags - all set to leave home in the morning

267: Yet another drawing by girl, a handprint giraffe - Loved it

Day 268: Mom stuck in office due to heavy rain with no umbrella and no car - dad and girl had to come and pick mom. A click on the way back home. 

269: Girl's random gift for mom. This made me smile. The bliss of mommy-hood!

270: We lunched out today, she noticed "today's special" board at the restaurant and was curious about it. Later in the eve, she wrote this and stuck in white board. Well, today's special in our kitchen for dinner, lol!


  1. You have all been very busy Nish. Where were you travelling to (day 266)

  2. Hox nice to read you again! Lovely shots and busy life.


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