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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book of the Week : : Hello Hello

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Liya and I have been reading 'Hello Hello' by Miriam Schlein, through the week.

Why this book? During our trip to the local library, even though I came across several interesting books, I chose this book for a specific reason. I thought, it would be an excellent idea to 'introduce' few animals to Liya. She has been seeing few birds, dogs, and deers, but didn't know about other animals around.

About the book? The content and idea of this book is not for early readers, but for kids of 3 plus years, I guess. Because, this is teaching how different animals say 'Hello' when they meet? Isn't it a fascinating and informative thing to introduce to our kids? The book takes child to 8 different animals and showing how do they greet each other. The book ends by teaching 'you' different methods to say hello!

Liya's take: Even though the 'core part' is designed for grown up toddlers, I bet that your early reader will love this book. The main reason is the 'animal' characters in the book. Since, I took this book from the library, I did not want Liya to 'handle' it herself, because I am sure she would scribble with a pen or strawberry or pomegranate OR she might tear it away.  She loved the book so much that I had to hid it in order to avoid her from experimenting her artistic skills when I am away. If I give her any other book, she would cry and shout "Monkey Book"!!!

What did Liya learn? How different animals greet are not too 'digesting' or an 1.5 year old, but we had so much of fun, knowing different animals around.

# She learned "elephanant (elephant), monghee (monkey- referring to chimpanzee in the book), bear, lion, wooo (wolf), beebra (zebra), beeva (beever) and pingin (penguin).
# She learned to say Hello by shaking her hand.

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Posted as a part of Book of the Week initiative by Reading Club. Rainbow was reading a different book this week. Head over and read rainbow's experience with the story here.


  1. Dear Liya, it looks as if you had a great read. I love all animals...don't you?

    Nishana, I know what you mean about not letting the little ones handle the library books...*sigh*. I love board books for that reason.

  2. Very cute!

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    Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

  4. @Salma @ Chasing Rainbow Yes, of course she enjoyed reading!

    Yeah, you are right, board books are best for toddlers and infants. Unfortunately, it is tougher to find 'board' versions for many books!

  5. @Sarah
    @Things Sent My Way
    Thank you for stopping by and following. I hope to see you around very often.. :P

  6. I love this book! I can see it on our book shelf from where i am sitting. :)

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  7. @Jessi

    That's interesting. Thanks for stopping by!


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