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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend & Reading Updates

What did we do in this weekend? Finally, we took a membership in Buffalo Public Library. We spent almost 2 hours there. Liya was super excited to see tons of books together.

What did Liya do there? She played in the mini kitchen play area. She spent a long time on the jigsaw board puzzles. She did not know what to do with puzzles, hence I showed her. Most of them were linked with animals and best suiting for early beginners like her. I stated each animal's name and showed her how to group up the puzzle. She was shouting in ecstasy. She pronounced the names so louder that people stopped by and gave a weird/smiley look. She waved and greeted every one with Hello, said untimely Thank you's to people walked by, she watched children playing, talked them in her own mixed dialect consisted of broken English and 'childish' Malayalam. She read so many books randomly. 

Which animal does she like most? Monkey, she learned to say 'Monkey' while arranging the puzzles and whole day she was simply uttering the word. She learned lion, phanata (elephant) and snake, as well. No doubt that it was a super duper day for Liya.. :)

Funny/weird thing Liya did?  She was playing with a toy glass set, and a girl (seems 2 year elder to her) wanted her to share the piece with her. G was missing glass set in her 'kitchen', and she was walking behind Liya for the same. Liya did not want to give it and did ignore her. G complained me regarding Liya's 'bad' behavior. I told Liya "Liya if you are a good girl do share your toys, if you don't then you are definitely a bad girl". Liya simply told G in her broken English "Bad girl aa.."! She opted to be a bad girl and not to share her toys. I was in a dilemma because Liya is too small and it is tough to make her understand the necessity of sharing things, besides she is highly emotional and very easily get hurt by any act which is either blaming or denying anything for her. [I guess this is a unfortunate part of being alone and a single child. Momma has to teach the 'skill' of sharing, while they learn themselves if they live a mixed family/get to play with lots of children]. Anyway, G continued her attempt and failed. She complained her mother that L is not sharing stuffs. Her mother was helpless too. Liya was not ready to leave the toys back, even when were leaving the place. We had to do few tactics to swerve her attention and get her out.

What was odd about the trip? It was difficult to find a suitable parking near the place, many parking lots were either expensive or coin operated. Unfortunately, we did not have any coins in hand. We wandered for a long time and finally got a parking space where we could pay with card.

Reading Updates!
Chasing Rainbow Rainbow had informed that 'he' is busy planning their big move to a new flat, and thus would NOT be able to commit and follow a specific book till they settle down. But rainbow might share his experiences with Dinosaur Binkit. It is too late to follow Rainbow with the specific story reading [as we could not find the book online and no time to drop into library again]. Anyways Liya and I are reading Hello Hello by Miriam Schlein through the week and would be sharing our experience with the story on Wednsesday Insha Allah! So, let's read and review a different book with Rainbow this week (for a difference).

Happy reading!

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  1. Fellow Buffalo blogger here! It is so unusual to find neighbors in the blogosphere! Your newest follower from the Manic Monday hop. Hope you have a chance to stop by and vote for our next baby shower theme!

  2. new gfc from manic hop. please follow back at http://www.simplyshopandsave.ca

  3. @Anonymous Thank you so much for the visit and follow!

  4. @Cindy

    I am glad to find a neighbor in blogosphere too. :)

    Thank you so much.

  5. We need to get a library card, but figured since we are moving we will get one in our new home.

    Liya, I can see that you are having a lot of fun as you are growing up. Happy reading.

  6. @Salma @ Chasing Rainbow

    I am sure you will find a good local library in new place, Insha Allah! You must take him, because it gives so much of learning through fun...

    Yeah! Liya is having lots of fun these days and shez 'growing' naughty day by day!


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