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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekend Updates:: Trip to Canada Falls

Note: A week delayed post
Last weekend we visited Canada side of Niagara falls. We had done our visa processing etc few weeks ago, and the processing was unusually quick and easy process. We started from Buffalo at 2.30 in the after noon. Canada falls is almost 15 miles far (nearly 30 minutes drive) from our home. It was a warm and pleasant day. Liya just loved her trip as always. She was super excited, watching the scenery and commenting on everything passed by.

The view of Niagara falls from Canada is mind-blowing. I have no words to describe the beauty. Liya did not want to sit on her stroller and wanted to be carried in our hands so that she could get a complete view.

There were three rainbows right above water- dual rainbows above the horseshoe falls, and one above the Americal falls. It was for the first time in my life I was seeing a rainbow down from the sky. In my dictionary, rainbows are meant to be 'right on the sky'. Liya loved watching the rainbow. She outburst in joy.

We went onto the observation deck on the top of Skylon tower. View from the elevator, as we went up was breathtaking. Liya shouted 'wow'. View from the observation deck is fantastic. If you ever visit Niagara Ontario, you should not miss it. See the collage below, for a digital view of it.
So let's ask Liya what and all she saw? She would tell you vella vella (water), duck (the birds flying over the water- she counted them as ducks because their beaks resembled a duck's one), the reenbow (rainbow), boat, car and tee (tree).
What and all she did? She played in the meadow,  ran across, had a pleasant ride on her stroller, watched birds, waved hello to people walked by...

What and all we took along...? Liya's food, snack and milk, some snacks for us. I had prepared a plantain cake [this was utterly experimental, my own recipe, experimental temperature setting and timing on oven, but luckily turned out to be really yummy!].

What did we miss?  We missed the illuminated view of falls from Canada. We waited till 9.30 pm, but was not dark yet, and the lights were just on. Liya fell asleep. We had not taken her jacket, it was getting colder. She started shivering, and we were forced to leave the place. We will visit again will share pics of unmatched, beautiful illuminated view of it, Insha Allah.


  1. sure seems you had lots of fun!

    lovely images!!

  2. Beautiful...Liya it looks like you had a great time. I love your dress.

  3. Magiceye >> Glad that you stopped by. Thanks a ton for you comment.

    Salma, Yeah, we had a great time Masha Allah! She is wearing an Indian dress, which was gifted by a relative when she was just born..:P

  4. I love ziyas expressions...........cuteeeee....
    masha allah...

  5. Femi, Thank you! I guess you meant Liya not Ziya.. ;)

  6. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family. :)

    Thanks for swinging by and following A Helicopter Mom! I'm following back now. :)

    Have a great night!

  7. @A Helicopter Mom
    Many thanks for dropping by, commenting and following..:)

  8. Amazingly beautiful pictures mashaAllah. The waterfall looks beautiful and powerfully scary at the same time. Hope you had a good time with your family.

  9. I had to peek at this post I lived as a child in Niagara Falls and then moved away and returned to the area as a young adult where I met my husband. we now live about 6 1/2 -7 hours away but we return once or twice a year as we have family there. I have wonderful memories growing up there and then going back, we have some of our wedding pictures with the falls in the background and then by some of the lovely old buildings. The pictures you took made me smile.


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