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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tagged - boasting speech!

I'm tagged by Madhumathi. Thank you so much Madhmathi for the love and care toward me.
Following the tradition of this tagging I am 'bound' to share few things about me. I am sure you know every bit of my life through each post on this blog. Please bear with me for talking about me again and again.

Here you go!
Food: Unlike many kids, I am not a fuzzy eater. I eat almost everything that I am given (which doesn't bite me back). Yet, my all time favorite items are Chicken, Biriyani and Beef...

Color: I don't know what is meant by color, so will tell you as I grow up.. :D

Sports: I play football with my dad, I play in the kid's slide with my 'friends' and I love swinging!

Desserts: Hmm, my mamma doesn't give me any chocolates/ice creams (except the tiny bits which don't even touch my tongue- she says I should pass some more months to eat as much as 'sugar' I want and my tooth would decay otherwise).

Artist/Singer/Brand: I love all popular rhymes and hence all those singers and hence the brands.. :)
By the way I am a good singer too (shhhh...), I know so many rhymes and sing very often.

Pair of shoe: I have many pairs of shoes- my day time fav activity is taking the cuddly pad (spread inside boots) out and tearing it away. Hence I ended up having many pairs of 'un-usable' boots. My mamma has stopped buying shoes for me. Now she buys designer shoes with no inner lining.

 Outfit: Mamma chooses, I wear. If I wear jeans and T shirt, people ask 'how old is he'. Now that the weather has improved, I wear designer dresses as well.

Accessaries: I love bangles and pearl necklaces. But no bands or clips on my hair please!

Fav Place: Children's play area in our apartment compound.

Hobbies: Messing up my home, reading stories, watching videos for kids, playing with my toys especially my dogu [I am not a tomboy], singing, dancing, chatting (with grand parents), sleeping...

Beauty Products: Nothing... no baby powder, baby soap or shampoo either. I am allergic to many cosmetics. Mamma massages my body and hair with plain coconut oil (again allergic to the Ayurvedic modifications of massaging oil- hence plain oil) from day 4 till the date.

Snacks: I eat biscuits occasionally- sorry I hate baby biscuits, I am not a baby anymore, okey! I love the dates cake my mamma makes. I am a huge fan of bagels. I can eat one full bagel. :)

Movies: Videos of rhymes, kids educational entertainments...:)

So folks, following are few fellow bloggers whom I add to this 'tagging' network. Enjoy!

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Rules: Please write about you in the same way I did here and tag few fellow bloggers.


  1. Wow...such a beautiful post!!! I loved everything about Liyaa..and shez so cute in those pics...Chumma to her :)

  2. It's always mice to know more about you Liya :D

  3. Madhumathi, Salma >> Thank you so much!

  4. Thanks a lot Nishana for the Tagging. I am so happy. :) :)

  5. And the love you have for Liya is amazing! Am so happy to know her..

  6. @Spicy Sweet You are welcome! I just realized that I missed out informing everybody whom I tagged. I have to do that..:)

    Every mom's life is a loving and touching story, just the difference is that it's been expressed in different ways..Isn't it?

  7. awww totally cute and she look adorable in all snaps :)and thanks for the tag ill get on wit it :)

  8. @Prathi
    Thank you for the complement! Have fun with 'tagging' network.


    It's my pleasure. Have fun!