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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book of the week :: Let's Say Hi to Friends Who Fly!

Let me share our reading experiences with Let's Say Hi to Friends Who Fly by Mo Willems.

Momma's thoughts...? It is a neat, illustration based and less text heavy book. It depicts a 'conversational' and 'action' based approach. 'Cat the Cat' goes to different friends asking how do they fly. Every friend is showing how it flies- it is sketched with dotted lines and the 'sound' of the friend is 'text-ed' on the line. And at the end of the story, there a big surprise... :)

This is an interesting read for early readers, I would recommend it for kids above 2.5- 3 years.

Reading time...

Liya's take...? Like I mentioned, this book is best suiting for kids above than her age. She is too small to understand that 'bubbles' represents 'conversation' and dotted lines represents 'the imaginary path' of flying. This would give good insights to 'grown up' toddlers. But yes, like many books this also creates some curiosity in kids of her age. I am sure after few months, this book would help her imaginations fly beyond boundaries. (Insha Allah)

She loved the 'swinging bee', I would say that is her favorite page in the book. She was confused as the 'bat' was hanging upside down. She kept rotating the book as she misunderstood that she was holding the book in a wrong way...lol:) As she rotated it 'the Cat' went upside down and she had a nice time figuring it out.

I was surprised to see that she knows how to hold the book properly.


Dislikes...? My main dislike is that we DON'T have a  board book ( I guess the book has a board book version as well), hence the pages are wrinkling. At times, I have to wipe out Liya's food from the pages as she spills it over...:D

I could not find any 'e' versions of it. Please do share if any one come across video/PPT/interactive versions of the same.

Posted as a part of Book of the Week initiative by Reading Club. Read rainbow's experience with the story here.

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  1. MashaAllah sis, I love to read your imput, it's so focused...were you a teacher before? We also had the board book issue, but I was able to save the book this time, lol.

    Dear Liya, salam alaikum...this was a great story. Thank you very much for sharing this book with Rainbow.

  2. nice thoughts again,presented beautifully

  3. have you tried baby books on the ipad. they are cool.

  4. KerrieLynn, AmberFaith >> Glad that you've stopped by and began following. Thank you so much! So my moms' network is growing everyday.

    Chasing Rainbow >> Salma, waalikkum salaam wr wb, I was not a teacher, but as I mentioned before, I work in e-learning industry. Hence there might come up some biases I get from the inspiring and thinking people I work with..:)

    Salam >> You made me smile. Thank you!

    mag for women >> e-learning for Kids on i-pad...sounds interesting. By the way how is it different from learning on a laptop?


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