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Friday, September 16, 2011

Toddler Talk :: How to frighten?

It is a fact that we must not frighten kids. But, I am sure there will be some instances were we badly wish if our kid is 'afraid of' something or other in this world, right?

When Liya drives me really nuts, I tell her shh... big K uncle is coming and be a good girl. She remains cool, though she doesn't appear frightened. I use it on and off, when need arises especially during meal time. All these days, I have been thinking that she is taking it seriously and 'obeying mamma'.

But you know what happened, a week ago? She  was sitting in J's lap, munching a banana. She did not want to finish it off and wanted to push J to eat it. She tried to stuff his mouth with banana but he refused. Then she was telling to J.. "shh...Pappa, big K uncle is coming, eat it fast."

Tell me now, who has been fooled all these days.. Liya or myself?

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  1. Oh goodness! This made me laugh. Its too cute.
    Oh and I love the new header. Change is nice.

  2. LOL! That is so funny! You have one very smart little girl!

  3. LOL!! She is so very smart - just like her mama =)

  4. Very funny, children are very perceptive. More so then we give them credit for.

  5. The lighting is exquisite!!!! Your header is adorable as well. Out of the mouths of babes...

  6. You're new header is beautiful! What a cute story!


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