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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our journey up and down - Part 1

Like I mentioned before, this 'travel' was my nightmare for many days before the trip. But Alhamdulillah *Thank God* things turned out to be wonderful and memorable.

We flew to Calicut via Doha in Qatar Airways. Liya was all excited and when we were in the check-in counter at Buffalo airport she was simply running everywhere with joy. She was eager to meet her grandparents and she kept saying that "I am going to see my Ummamma (granny)". To my surprise, she was letting the security guards to scan her bags, jackets etc. When I removed my hand bag and jacket for x-ray scan she shouted "Mummu's bag (Mummu- that's how she calls herself)... Mummu's jacket" and put in the respective boxes.  How sweet! This was quite unexpected move from her side. I was expecting her to scream when her backpack goes through the scanner. But she seemed to be worried that she may not let in if she doesn't do it. Little ones sometimes think and act beyond our imagination, aren't they?
At Buffalo Airport
 The only problem we faced was at Buffalo airport. The person at the counter was really weak in using computer and it took almost half and hour to check in! And then we found that he had checked in our baggages till DC airport only. We had to beg him to redo it and check- in till Calicut. Luckily, he was a nice guy and helped us. Though, he was able to check-in our baggage, he wasn't able to check-in ourselves into other flights. So we did not get our boarding passes for Qatar airways from Buffalo airport. It was kind of worrying situation as we had just 1.5 hours gap in DC airport, and DC airport is like a desert, it takes a lot of time to reach international terminal from domestic. Usually, we can chek-in our entire trip from our first airport, even if we are travelling in different airlines and no matter it includes domestic travels too. But it was good that he was able to check-in our baggaged till Calicut so that we did not have the tension of carrying and checking it at every airport we pass through.

Buffalo, NY- Airport
We reached airport almost 3 hours before. So, we had boring waiting time there. But Liya was not bored or tired. There was a teenage couple sitting and having some 'romantic talk'. Liya went to trouble them very often. How embarrassing! But, both of them were nice to her; they smiled and had some chit chats with her too. She has some obsession with dust bins, even at home she keeps searching for things to put in dust bin. At the airport also, she was scanning through the floor for tiny particles and was putting in the dust bins. I had to run behinds her to ensure that she doesn't pick up dirty particles from the floor,
All excited- on the way to DC
We traveled to DC via United Airlines. As many of you know, it is a very small flight, passengers were very less. Liya was trilled about the trip that she was simply running to the flight as we were boarding. She was running inside the flight as well. She wasn't sitting anywhere. She was not knowing that we were at the door steps of the most boring and long flight journey. She sat in her seat happily and allowed me fasten her seat belts. She was sitting in the flight with all pride and happiness. We both were equally glad to see her happiness.

Trying to get rid of ear pain..:)


  1. Glad to read about your pleasant travel experiences! Liya seems to adjust very well to new situations :)

  2. Aww, the adventures of Liya. I love that she made the best of the situation. Travelling is not much fun.

  3. I'm glad to see that everything went smoothly, even the problem with checking your baggage. Liya looks like she enjoyed exploring while waiting to board the plane :)

  4. It sounds like she was a real joy to travel with! She is just adorable and I can really see her excitement in the pictures.

  5. Looks like it went well--The shot at the Bufflao she might be able to see my house-LOL we live pretty close.
    Here with M2R vB

  6. The adventure of Liya. I love it!! If Liya is anything like my little five year old Calley, she will give you plenty to write about! Blessings, Carla

    here via B2R vB.

  7. Glad that you had a good one. I know how difficult it is traveling with kids.

  8. The pictures are just precious! I especially love the one of her from the back where you can see her little pearls. Absolutely adorable!

  9. I remember the first time traveling with my son on a plane. He was a little over one and I was scared to death. I have seen screaming children on planes and heard horror stories from other parents. But the travel actually went fairly smooth! Flying with children is such a gamble, and I'm glad to see yours went well! What a cutie!

  10. She is such a doll :) My little girl is about the same age. It can get so busy, but always so fun :0)

  11. @ Ananya (SprigBlossoms) - Glad to see you here after a long.Yeah, she adjusted much better than we could ever imagine. It's been a while since I scanned through your inspirational quotes. Will do it asap!

    @Salma- yeh, traveling can never be fun with toddlers...right? Hope everything is well with the 'destroyer'. I am so glad to catch you up here after a gap. Mailing you soon! :)

    @Sarah- Awww... everything was well. Thank you so much for being a regular reader of us. These words give us a lot of inspiration. Will see at your blog soon!

    @Chrisitina- Yes she was very excited and yeah kids never know to hide their excitement and so we can spot it in every pic, right. Hope your health condition is good. Btw, the pic with your grand child was super cool.. :)

  12. @Pamela- Though, I was a reader of you, I never knew that you live in Buffalo. Wow, that's a pleasant surprise. So, I may bump into you sometime, somewhere in Buffalo... :)

    @ Carla- Haha! I liked it.. :)

    @ may- Thank you for the visit and kind words..:)

  13. It's so hard to travel with kids. It seems like she did pretty well. I traveled with 5 kids one time on the airplane. That was enough for me! Hope the travels continue to be safe.

  14. How precious! The first time my son flew, I was so worried he wouldn't do well, but he ended up loving it and now he can't wait to visit the airport again!

  15. I think it's great to start traveling with kids early...by the time they're teens they're so much fun!
    Visiting from Vb!

  16. So nice to meet you, I have just found your lovely blog through the blog hop this weekend wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.
    Always Wendy

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