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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trip to India- Part 2

Luckily, we reached DC on time, no delay and hence we had ample time to get our boarding pass till Calicut. We were traveling via Qatar airways. I like traveling in Qatar airways because of many reasons.
Reading book at Doha Airport
  • They serve halal food.
  • They serve ice creams, burgers, sandwiches etc throughout the trip. This is a grace when you travel with kids who often don't like the regular (children) meals served.
  • Their warm and soothing approach to parents traveling with kids
  • Their approach to kids. Many times when Liya was cranky, crews used to come and 'baby' talk her. They tried to console her.
  • Amazing inflight service

Most part of the 13 hours journey to Doha, Liya was sleeping in the flight. She was glad to buckle the seat belt and sit in 'her own' seat. But after sometime she realized that she can remove the seat belt and walk around. Once she learned that, she was not ready to sit in her seat or fasten the seat belt. It was quiet difficult to strap her up especially when the captain was announcing about the turbulent weather conditions and safety measures.

How did Liya kill her time, when she was awake?
  • Scribbled with crayons
  • Colored a few pages (which I had printed out for convenience)
  • Read some books
  • Walked inside the flight
  • Watched Dora and some other cartoons
She did not cry at all in the flight till Doha. She was getting bored and frustrated, at times. But she managed it well. We reached Doha around local time 7.00 PM. Doha airport used to be very crowded but we got a free stroller for Liya from there. (They had checked in her stroller till Calicut as she was 2 plus).

We had almost 7 hours of halt in Doha. I feel, 3-4 hours should be an ideal transit delay. 7 hours were tiring. But Liya enjoyed the time there. She was running across the terminal and spent a lot of time in the children's play area as well. We could not sit and relax because she didn't want to sit but run.  Though she didn't knew even a single child over there, she easily mingled with them and played together. That's was the most surprising thing for both J and me. Our flight to Calicut was at 2.00 am local time.

Playing in the children's play area
Airline had arranged coupons for our dinner, too. And we didn't have any trouble in Doha except the 'long awaiting'.

Dinner at Doha airport


  1. Wow, I'm impressed that she was well-behaved. Yay for Liya!

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. That's great she did so well. She looks like she was having fun!

  3. Wow, a 7 hour delay after a 13 hour flight and she still behaved! That's a very good girl =). I'm not sure I would have behaved so well! Looking forward to reading more.

  4. What a sweetie :) And Qatar airways sounds amazing. It's so nice when employees are helpful especially when children are involved ;)

  5. I'm still so impressed you guys took the flight and I'm extremely impressed that Liya did so well, I don't think I would have handled all that as well!! She is so cute!! She is getting so big, she is starting to look like a big girl and less a baby!!! It goes way to fast! So glad you survived the trip!!!

  6. I have friends who live in Doha and I have heard about the amazing Qatar Airways from them as well. 3 hours was tough enough, hats off to you for pulling off 13 gracefully!

  7. Sarah - Thank you and next one is coming soon.

    Julie- Welcome to our blog. Thank you so much for your comment.

    Christina - Welcome back. I am sure it is situation that make us adjust well... I am sure you will be able to because you are one of the amazing ladies I have met online.

    Elisabeth - Right, when kids fall cranky, and employees also star staring at us, that's such an embarrassment...

    Kathy- Ha ha! I do understand! With your naughty bunches, I am sure it will be a nightmare to even get out of home. But I am so much surprised that how well you manage with them. You are a super mom, I know! Kudos to you.

    Curtis- That's nice. Thank you for taking time out to visit us and leave a message.

  8. I can see why you chose the air line you did. Sounds like they cater to families! Glad you got to your destination safely!

  9. Qatar does sound like a great airline. If only they had flights from Memphis to Orlando!


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