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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things Liya loved in India :: 2) Visiting Relatives

Yes, I said it, Liya loved to visit our relatives. This is something I personally find extremely exhausting part of every vacation. Well, I love visiting relatives, friends; grab a cup of tea and have some silly chit chats... That sounds exciting, but every time we keep running from one house to another, spend few minutes and get back home extremely tired...and the vacation just goes on like that till the last day. By then, we would have dropped a lot of things we wanted to do... but after all I love the warmth, ties and bonds of relationships we especially get in Kerala.

Okey, let me come back to Liya. Why did she love visiting relatives, that's where the interesting 'point' lies. There is a special 'tradition' back in my homeland. They love serving a lot of 'eatables' for the guest. That usually include 'deep fried' snacks either home cooked or purchased from bakeries and stored to serve for 'unexpected' guests- cakes, biscuits, chips, mixtures etc. No matter you were running from house to house since morning, you 'll have to have a gulp/handful from each house.

That's the way people show their hospitality and love towards you. Every time we go on vacation to India, first few days we end up with stomach upset because of this 'serial' food-ing from everywhere. Apart from that, if you visit close relatives you will be buried inside a heap of all special delicacies- chicken, mutton, beef, shrimp, mussels and so on in different forms- fries, curries, gravies, biriyani plus appam, nool puttu, pathiri and rotis.... So we probably gain more calories in 2-3 weeks.

Liya was extremely fascinated by all these. I was not giving her chocolates, sugary items, candies, deep fries etc till age of two (well, I know I am kinda of paranoid, but her health is my first preference). But back in my homeland, they pamper kids by giving a handful of chocolates, candies or a bunch of cookies... Now you know why Liya loved it...! All things forbidden by Momma were coming infront of her, even if Momma was disliking it, Momma had to keep quite because relationships are to be preserved. Momma didn't want to sadden them. Liya happily grabbed snacks from one house, in the next house she kept it on their dining table and grabbed another handful.....and the story went on... In fact she had lost her apetite and throughout our vacation she barely had any healthy food. :(

She learned about this culture really fast, slowly she began directly going to host's kitchen, expecting them to give her a glass of juice or biscuit. How embarrassing is that when you step in to a house, your little girl just running to their kitchen. I honestly don't know how does she find kitchen. Usually the houses are bigger in our homeland where the 'kitchens' are not usually very next to entrance as you see in USA or Canada. Yes, kids are much smarter when need is theirs, aren't they?

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  1. I think it's lovely that Liya wanted to make many visits. She was indeed exploring a part of her culture and heritage., and of course meeting relations :)

    About the kitchen...Amira used to do that as well.

    I love the food pictures. Salam alaikum sis!

  2. Isn't it funny how people equate food with love and hospitality? Its what we do!! My family spoils my kids with treats when we see them too because they know I wouldn't allow it in my home and yes, we do have to preserve the relationship! :)

  3. It all looks so YUMMY!!!
    Popping in with vB M2R =)
    Have a great week

  4. waalikkum salaam dear Salma,

    I am glad that many kids do that... I was so embarrassed though..;)

    Lynn - That's funny but I guess that's the easiest way.. :) When it comes to preserving relationships, we definitely must close our eyes towards a few flaws.. right? Thank you for the visit and comment.

    Pamela- Thank you much. I appreciate it.

  5. "Every time we go on vacation to India, first few days we end up with stomach upset because of this 'serial' food-ing from everywhere"

    ha ha .I do have same problem yaar. nice note. The way you presenting it is really good. Also stylish language. Photos are tempting me for another vacation :)

  6. It all looks so yummy.Liya is soooooooo cute.God bless her.

  7. Kids just love junk food, don't they? Hopefully she got back on track with better eating now that you're home. Vacations are for splurging!!

  8. I agree with Christina: no matter how old you are, vacations are for splurging! (says me, the girl who kept track of what she ate while on vacation last summer :P)

    Sounds like she picked up on the traditions very quickly. No matter the culture, some traditions are easier than others to learn, especially for young children.


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