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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liya's response to preparations...

Couple of months back, I was saying Liya about our 'big move'...

"Liya, you know we are moving back to India..."
"I don't want to..."
"What? Do you know what India is?"
"Yup, there are grandmas and grandpas, we can go to beach and play in the waves... But you know momma, I just don't like it over there.."

This is exactly what she told. I was so surprised that how much little bugs are lured by American life... lols!

Anyways, a twist in the story happened ever since she realized that her best friend Sadhana is not gonna come back to USA from India, anymore. Liya is basically very choosy and takes a lot of time to make friends... and she would love her friends in such a way that she can never stop thinking about them. I must say S was someone whom she cherished with heart-full of love. S was same towards her too. Though they left US in last April, for quite long Liya was thinking that they are on vacation. But, she kept missing her than we would ever imagine. There were not even a single day in last 4 months where she missed to tell 'my sadhu'...

Finally, Liya wanted to get back to India and in her own words "and wants to play with my best friend Sadhu"... So, she has her own hidden agenda, she is more keen in finding out her missing friend than meeting her grandparents and all-loving family members who awaits her.

Monday was her last day in daycare. We didn't let her know it. We were sure that she would be heartbroken to realize that she is leaving her dear friends and teachers forever. By the way, she is so much fond of them. Two kids- Morgan and Ashruth are her very close friends and she is expecting all of them to leave for India, along with us.

What made her heartbroken was the selling process happening inside home. When our couch was taken off, she was really sad. Ever since that she only wanted to sleep in couch..:) She did not want to sell our car to uncle or to wash off her 'award winning paintings' from walls and carpets.

Are you cleaning off my paintings? She keeps asking me...

We have a big promise list:
- We will buy a new car in India (though she likes black car, she is okay with others colors, lol)
- We will paint in the walls of our new home
- We will buy new couch, she will need her own pink couch
- We will put her in a new school...

... and much more!

Another problem arose when I said we are heading to grandparents house and will be with them for a while. Though she loves them dearly and talks and chats with them everyday, she didn't want to stay in 'somebody's house' . No, I want to stay in momma, pappa and Liya's house. We don't have such a house India, my girl!

Well, we have been talking her about new friends she is gonna make there, good part of life in India, new daycare she would be enrolling in... and much more. In Sha Allah! Indeed, she is so much excited.. I hope this excitement will prevail! Now, she is helping J and me with cleaning and throwing! She helped us with packing too. I have the best girl in the world... Thank God!

On the other hand, we have enjoyed our life in US. I am sure Liya had enjoyed it in fullest too. But, home is home. Nothing is better than getting back to home... So, mixed feelings!


  1. hi mum Liya,

    I think US is goin to miss you guys and lucky India. :)
    Keep Bloggin!!

  2. I am sure she will adjust very quickly to the move. It's scary to her because she doesn't fully understand...but I have no doubt she will be very happy once she's there.

    I love that she wants a pink couch!!

  3. Children adapt to things quite easily - I am sure the move will not affect her and she will enjoy it.

  4. I just discovered your blog today. Frankly, I find it quite interesting. Congratulations!
    Oh yes, feel free to visit my blog, too

    Hope to read more from you, so keep blogging!


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