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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Look who is back...!!

Yes, I am back to PL, my fav place in the cyber world. There are so much to say... just too much! Regarding my regular posts, yes bucket list updates from June onwards are in my highest priority list..:)

So, what's up with little girl and us? We had spent 2 weeks in Kerala- one week with my family and another with my in laws... We had no breathing time there. Though Liya was enjoying all pampering, she was badly missing her Pappa. J had to leave to Hyderabad after 2 days and most of our vacation Liya and I spent with family. It was more like her first time without Pappa around for such a long gap. Indeed it was a nightmare. She behaved more like the 'bride' whose husband left for abroad after a week of wedding..:) So desperate and gloomy!! Believe me, she didn't eat anything in these two weeks except one MAC cheese in every morning and needless to say she was more than happy to gobble all the ice creams and chocolates, despite all her tensions and gloominess.

She was ecstatic when she and I were leaving for Hyderabad. She talked just too much in the flight. She was literally shouting and dancing in the flight, expecting that Hyderabad is somewhere in the US. She was expecting us to reach in the US. As we got down from flight and walked towards exit, she wanted to get in to another flight. According to her "Momma we have to take 3 flights"..:) She didn't like it that we are just taking one flight- she sniffed that something fishy is gonna happen..:)

Reunion with Pappa was very emotional, just beyond words could ever express. She was wearing a patiala churidar, her grandpa gifted from Kerala. She was all prepared to give Pappa a surprise with churidar. She was blabbering that I would tell Pappa "Look Pappa, Liya in churidar and looking so cute.." etc. But when she met him, just forgot all the sugary words she had mustered to share with him..:)

I must say that, for almost 1-2 weeks, she was never let him go anywhere. She was always after him and was afraid that he will again go 'somewhere' without her...:)

So, as of now, we are in Hyderabad. We do not have a plan to stay here for a long term due to some personal commitments. So, planning to move into Bangalore and hence looking for opportunities. Liya is going into a new daycare, where she is not yet settled in. That's again a temporary set up. We are looking for new school for her. I will write a new post about pre schools and daycares in India. There are just too much to say..:)

And guess what? She turned three almost a month ago!!!! Yay!! And will be starting on her nursery soon. Mostly in this month, Insha Allah!

To all my bloggy friends,

My sincere apologies for not contacting you for such a long. My congrats and prayers for FOZ from Muslim Mummies. It is too awesome to have two little munchkins... God Bless You all:) 


  1. MashAllah your little girl turned 3! Time certainly flies. InshAllah you will find the perfect school for her soon.

    Thank you for your kind words..... its certainly different being a mum of 2!!

  2. ഇനിയും ലിയയുടെ വിശേഷങ്ങളുമായി തുടര്‍ന്ന് കാണുമല്ലോ


  3. Good to see you back here - I've been wondering how you've been doing!


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