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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vacation in Kerala :: A flash back

It was pouring season in Kerala. Liya was all excited to see rain pouring and badly wanted to play in the rain. In fact, she played too..:)

A view from our sit out area
 Climate was too bad when we both were traveling to Hyd. Almost all flights were delayed due to torrential rain. I was afraid that they would even cancel the flight. Liya was not ready to sit in the waiting area, she just wanted to play in the water. She was shouting at me and was pleading that "look momma all uncles (the staff cleaning the runway) and planes are getting wet and playing in the water... why not me?"

After we boarded the flight
Most of the rivers overflow in rainy season in Kerala. This was something really new to Liya.

Watching a river with my sis from the yard of my dad's homestead 
 Below river - which is at the rear side of my dad's homestead, is directly linked to my early childhood. Almost all of my early childhood, I spent here. I grew up by playing in the banks of this river. This pic takes me back to those golden days... The time of never ending fun and happenings. I lived here until my five years.
 At lest a few of you would be wondering the color of water. These water gush from hilly areas of Kerala and falls in Arabian sea. During heavy rainy seasons, water turns muddy red. It's very dangerous during such seasons and no one usually dare to play there.

Diya was one of her fav persons in Kerala..:) She can't just stop talking about her Diya-tha.
Liya with her cousin - J's niece - Diya
Dinu- Diya's 4 months old sister. Liya was not so excited to see her. In fact, Liya doesn't like infants. She didn't let J to even touch this baby. I swear!!

3 girls in in action. Look at the little one turning all the way to see an ipad!!!

Liya, the teacher, teaching basics of ipad to D
Liya with her cousin- my nephew- Hamiz
With my granny!
Enjoying the tasty puffed rice

Exploring garden fresh spinach

Curious about the garden fresh leaves
Splashing time with D
Henna design by Shani Aunty
The interesting fact about above puzzle set is that this was bought by my dad for my younger sis and me, when we were doing schools. Many years have passed by with no real damages to the pieces.  We never imagined that our kids would get to play with the same set of puzzle. Some things, no matter how smaller they are, just 'live' beyond the generations..:)

Many more things happened during our vacation. I was just too lazy to run behind and click everything.   Vacations are usually hibernation seasons for me..:)  


  1. നല്ല അവധിക്കാലമായിരുന്നു അല്ലേ?
    ഞാനും അവധിയിലായിരുന്നു കഴിഞ്ഞ രണ്ടു മാസം

  2. Beautiful MashaAllah, it looked like you had a wonderful time!


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