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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Project 2014 :: Week 4

Day 19: Remember the marinade I prepared on day 18? We had some guests over lunch and here is our Hyderabadi dum biriyani. 

Day 20: L for Liya...L L.. Liya! Created by Liya!

Day 21: Some baking time with little girl. Her favorite chocolate cake is here. 

Day 22: Again from my kitchen... lemon rice. Whenever I run out of time, I cook lemon rice and everyone at home loves it. We had a doc visit scheduled early in the evening and so I have been busy at work as well. It indeed came so handy for lunch. 

Day 23: The french door glass broken and fell down in the balcony. 

Day 24: Ups and downs are part of life. There are moments of uncertainty, grief and losses. But everything shall pass. I hate staying in the hospitals but sometimes things are much unavoidable. 

Day 25: Hospital breakfast- truly south Indian! I must admit that it tasted better than I ever imagined. 

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  1. some lovely shots this week, you always make me hungry!

    1. Thank you Jaime.. I am sorry that I made you hungry..lol!

  2. Love your update...thinking of you.

    1. Thank you dear sis. I am truly touched by your love. Your mails have given me huge relief...

      xo xo

      Sending loads of love..:)


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