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Monday, January 20, 2014

January Updates , Bucket List 2014 and more...

4 fab years and 3 months down... here is what we are up to!

Reading & Writing: Getting proficient on reading skills, laziness prevails though. She writes alphabets, some words and numbers up to 30. However, she keeps writing come letters in reverse. I was curious and did some google search. Also had a word with her teacher. What I learned is that, it's absolutely fine to reverse the letters at this age (d,b,p,q,3,6,9 etc) as long as they write and they know what they meant..:) So, no hassles! We are slowly starting to learn Malayalam letters.

Language: A good improvement she has made in speaking Hindi. During evening time with her friends in the park, she tries to speak Hindi. Now insisting me to teach her Hindi letters. Our frequent trips to Kerala helped her improve her Malayalam. Now, for every English word that she hears, she is very curious to know what the Malayalam replacement for the word is.

Schooling: She loves going to school, though we're finding some issues with the school. According to her teacher she is a responsible, independent child with good leadership skills and concerns for others. She loves her current teacher Mrs. S so much that she follows the teacher everywhere and frequently tells her "I love you ma'm".

Social Skills: Like I said before, she has become very social and outspoken person. Where has my shy, introvert girl disappeared all of sudden?

Drawing/Painting:  She has got good hands on drawing. I would say Not so bad for her age. She mostly draws rains, butterflies, water, cars, stars, sun and sky. Loves drawing our "family pic" as well.

Bucket List Update:

What are we going to strike today from our TO Do list for the year?
  1. Visit Mysore (We had an awesome trip to Mysore along with L's grandparents on 29/11/2013 See more here and here)
  2. Road drive to home via Western Ghat : Nadukani (We drove down to home on 20/12/2013, to spend out Christmas holidays with grandparents. We chose a different route and had a fabulous trip.  See the pictures and details here.)
  3. Visit zoos (L never gets tired of visiting zoos and cooing at animals. Our trip to Mysore zoo - See here)
  4. Perform in the stage program @ school (On 8/12/2013 Liya had her second open stage performance at the school. See the photograph here)
  5. Do 5 adventures (Liya did an adventurous ride on 8/12/2013: Our adventure No. 1 is available here. 4 more to go In Sha Allah!) 
  6. Move to own bed (On 14/01/2014, Liya has moved to her-own bed. No more co-sleeping. Ask who is emotional, of course Momma! )


    1. Great things to cross off the list. We've been working on our bucket-list too. I love crossing the little things off.

    2. what you did to get the shyness out or it happened automatically? Adi is very shy and just doesnt speak in front of unknown (and many times known) people. Need some remedy to remove this fear from him.


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